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WINNINGBIDS : Each lot will bewon by the highest bidder but hewill only pay at the second
best bid plus :
- 15 euros for notes bringing less than 150 euros
- 30 euros for notes bringing between 151 and 750 euros
- 100 euros for notes bringing between 751 and 1.500 euros
- 200 euros for notes bringing over 1.501 euros
An exceptionwill bemade in the casewhere thedifferencebetween thehighest and secondhigh-
est bidwould be less than the normal increment. If a lot receives only one bid, it will be sold at
the opening bid regardless of the amount bid.If two identical bids are receivedon one lot, the bid
reaching us first will win the lot. The computer takes all bids to figure out the final price, even if
some bids are voiddue to completed budget.
RESULTS : The realized price list (including unsold lot numbers) is sent to the bidders and to
collectorswhopaid for the catalog and canbe seenon the net. The realizedprice list includes the
realized prices and the highest bid registered for each lot.
EXPORT : Notes sent to countries within the EuropeanUnion require no formalities. Time and
care are needed for exports outside of the European Union. We thank you in advance for your
patience.Customerswishing their notes exportedwouldhelpusgreatly if theywould stateclearly
and indetail howandwhere theywish to receive their note, andwhat, if any, insurance theymight
have for such shipments.Actual costs (minimum 10 euros andmaximum 50 euros) for shipping
and exportwill be added to your invoice.
PAYMENT : A detailed invoice will be sent to successful bidders including a minimum charge
of 10 euros to cover shipping and insurance. This charge does not apply tonotes pickedup at our
premisesby thebuyer.Upon receipt of payment, noteswill be sent registeredor bydeclaredvalue
GUARANTEE :We guarantee the authenticityof all notes soldwithout time limit up to the price
paid for the note.We further guarantee complete confidentiality. The identities of the bidders and
the amount of their bidswill not be revealed but the highest bids for each notewhichwill be in-
cluded in the realizedprice list.Theauctioneers reserve the right, at their solediscretion, to refuse
any item for sale and to refuse any bid.
DISPUTES :Any disputes regarding any item in this auctionmust be received by uswithin five
days of receipt by the buyer. Submission of a bid constitutes full acceptance of themail bid sale
terms. Terms of Sale
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