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Amail bid sale is an auctionwhere all bids are submitted inwriting. Themail bid sale helps the
collector tobetter determine thevalueof anote,whichbenefitsbothbuyer and seller, as thenote’s
selling price is the result of input from thousands of participants and not just the opinion of a
single specialist.
Bids sheetsmust be receivedbyno later than the close of business onMay 14th, 2014
List of prices realizedwill be sent tobidders onMay 16th, 2014
Unsold lotswill be offered at theiropeningprices till June 5th, 2014.
LOTVIEWING : The notes in this salewill be available for viewing at 36, rueVivienne, 75002
Paris, and is by appointment only.
THE CATALOGUE : All descriptions have been made in good faith. We have included all the
informationwe thought helpful - not only to the collector but to the scholar aswell.This sale con-
tainsbanknotes that range from rare toextremely rare.After the sale, thenoteswill havedispersed
in your various collections, but the datawill remain available to everyone.
TheOPENINGBIDS are theminimum bids thatwill be accepted.
ESTIMATES are, inour opinion, the approximative values of each lot. Of course, this evaluation
canonlybe accurate for notes that appear often enoughon themarket to satisfy collector demand.
Asmany of the banknotes in this sale have not been offered for years, estimates for many items
may be somewhat conservative. The rarer the note, the farther off our estimate may be. In any
case, it is never intended as amaximum.
BIDS : Submitting the bid sheet.Write your bids as clearly as possible on the bid sheet. Please
follow your own preference order. Do not forget to give your mailing address, daytime phone,
e-mails and fax numbers. Please specify if your bids can be increased by 10, 20 or 30% if neces-
sary, inorder toobtain the lots youwant.Youmay submit asmanybids as youwish andyoumay
set a total spending limit amount cutoff. No bidswill be accepted for less than the opening bids.
Any bids under these amounts will be ignored as well as cents in bids including cents of euros.
Submission of a bid constitues a guarantee to pay for all lotswon.All bidders are responsible for
the bids they submit, including bids made on the behalf of third parties. This is not an approval
sale. Don’t forget to signyour bid sheet !
SENDINGYOURBIDS : Send us your bids anyway youwant but the sooner the better due to
slowmail delivery. To avoid any delay, please fax a copy of your bid sheet to+33-1-42 33 25 99
or + 33-1-40 41 97 80 or send by e-mail :
. If youwish to be sure your bids remain
unknownuntil the close of the sale, please specify soon the envelope (CGB/VSOORDRES, 36,
rueVivienne 75002PARIS) and include only your bids in the envelope.
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