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The user undertakes to keep confidential his or her login details and password. The user is responsible, in

relation to

, for all actions carried out by means of his or her account. The user shall ensure that he or

she logs off from the account after each session, especially when the connection to the

Live auction


service is made by means of a public or shared computer. The user agrees to


immediately in the event of unauthorised use of his or her account.

cannot be held liable

in the event of fraudulent use of an account. The user undertakes to abide by these terms and conditions of

use when using the

Live auction


service. Consequently, he or she agrees

in particular not to impede or alter the functioning of the

Live auction


service, or harm the platform, or attempt to access the service in any way that is fraudulent. The user undertakes

to provide

with timely information about any changes to his or her personal account (postal address,

email address, etc.).


The user undertakes to pay 10%, excluding tax, in addition to the sale price of the item bought (10% + VAT

at 20%, being 12% in total) by way of sale charges. The user is reminded that these charges are added directly

to the final invoice and are not added automatically to bid prices prior to closing.

Willingness to participate in this sale operation shall result in adherence without restriction to these regulations.

Only the French text shall prevail. Participation in this sale operation indicates unconditional adherence to

these regulations by the user making the order.

Upon reception of lots, the user is advised to ensure that the lots delivered are the same as those purchased

by means of the Live auction


operated by

The user is also advised to

check the condition of packaging. In the event that packaging is damaged, torn or opened, the user is advised

to either refuse to accept the parcel or record reserves of use on the delivery slip of the postal or delivery

service. In the event that the delivery is refused, he or she undertakes to inform


will then make enquiries with the postal or delivery service. By way of information, the time period for such

enquiries varies from 4 to 6 weeks in mainland France, and from to 8 to 10 weeks for international deliveries.

Payment for purchased lots shall take place upon receipt of invoice, using the various methods made available

to the user by

. For payment of purchases made online by bank card by our protected bank server, the

user is asked to enter the card number, the date of expiry, the security code (the three last figures on the back

of the bank card) and the 3D security code provided by the user’s bank.

accepts “CB” cards, Visa cards

and Mastercards. Users are also able to make payment by Paypal, cheque, bank transfer and cash (within

the limits set by law).

reserves the right to refuse any delivery in the event that payment by bank card

is refused by any officially approved bodies, or payment is not made or if there are legitimate reasons to have

concerns about your means of payment. Furthermore,

reserves the right to request payment by bank



Intellectual Property Rights

The Live auction


operated by

(in particular, the content, technology, site

architecture and the distributed images and videos) are protected by copyright, trademarks, patents and by any

other rights for protection of intellectual works set forth in existing legislation.


Warranty and Indemnification

cannot undertake to provide warranty and indemnification for users in the event of technical failure of the

Live auction


service, or fraudulent use of a user account by a third person.


Suspension and Cessation of the Service

In the event of breach of these terms of use or failure to carry out a legal obligation by the users of the service, the

Live auction


service operated by

shall inform them, inasmuch as it is possible

to do so, and as speedily as possible, in order that they can redress the issue. Failing that, the Live auction


service operated by

may, without prior notice, suspend access to the Live



service and/or close the account of the users concerned, as appropriate.

In order to enable

to keep information about its users up to date,

reserves the right to close accounts

that are not used for a period of more than twelve months, at the end of which period the user must re-register.


Alterations to the Terms and Conditions of Use

The features of the Live auction


service operated by,

as well as these terms

and conditions of use, may be altered by

. Alterations shall be made known to the users of the service thirty

days before they come into effect.