LIBRAIRIE GALERIE LES CHEVAU LEGERS SAS au capital de 200.000 € - Siret : 732 049 036 00021 code NAF : 4761Z - TVA CEE : FR 93 732 049 036 36 rue vivienne – 75002 Paris – France – Tel : 01-40-26-42-97 – Courriel : Site internet : • Some prerequisites necessary to carry out an order: You must declare to be at least 18 years old and must have his or her legal capacity. • Photographs are taken in ordinary light and provide a direct image of the item. Descriptions are written with accuracy and integrity. Conditions of items are judged scrupulously in order to guarantee total accuracy in terms of conformance with actual conditions. References are selected in order to give the best description of the coin, banknote, token, numismatic book, etc. The photographs are communicated on a purely illustrative basis and are not contractual. We draw your attention to the fact that the same photograph can illustrate several coins and banknotes provided that the item is in the same condition and costs the same. We invite you to refer to the description of each product to know the precise characteristics of them; and in case of doubt or if you wish further information do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. •Inorder toprotectusfrompossiblefrauds,wereserve theright torequirewithourdiscretion,at the timeofcertain transactions, a payment by national or international transfer, the bank charges being paid by the customer. • We deliver our products directly to your place of residence in France and abroad. The buyer is responsible for payment of the customs duties and the various taxes related to the delivery of an article. We clearly advise you to enquire about any information relating to domestic customs duties and taxes applicable from the proper authorities of your country. We reserve the right to suspend without notice and without justification any delivery towards a zone of delivery, located in France or abroad, towards which we believe the shipping service to be unsafe or unreliable. • Export: In the case of coins that are dated prior to 1500 with a unitary value above 1,500 Euros, French law relating to the protection of cultural property requires us always to apply to the Ministry of Culture for an export certificate (and an export licence for countries outside the EU). The time period for obtaining these documents is usually about four to six weeks. Certificates issued are valid indefinitely. Librairie-Galerie Les Chevau-Légers cannot be held liable for delays in delivery that result from delays in the issuing of certificates or licences by the French Ministry of Culture. • Upon reception of lots, the customer is advised to ensure that the items delivered are the same as those purchased by the present catalog. The customer is also advised to check the condition of packaging. In the event that packaging is damaged, torn or opened, the customer is advised to either refuse to accept the parcel or record reserves of use on the delivery slip of the postal or delivery service. In the event that the delivery is refused, he or she undertakes to inform immediately. Librairie-Galerie Les Chevau-Légers will then make enquiries with the postal or delivery service. The orders will be sent via DHL for countries of the Schengen Area, postal registered mail for countries out of the Schengen Area. By way of information, the time period for such enquiries varies from to 8 to 10 weeks for international deliveries. • In accordance with the L.120-20 article of the french code of consumerism, you benefit from the right to repossess: whatever the reason, you can return an article to us in the seven days following the reception of your parcel (imperatively in its original packaging and with the corresponding invoice), by specifying the reason for its return to: Librairie-Galerie Les Chevau-Légers - Return Service, 36 rue Vivienne 75002 Paris – France • The transfer of property of the products to the purchaser will be carried out only after complete payment of the price by the latter, and this whatever is the delivery date. On the other hand, the transfer of the risks of loss and deterioration of the products will be carried out as of delivery and reception of the aforesaid products by the purchaser. • For any queries, requests, contests, send us an email