LIBRAIRIE GALERIE LES CHEVAU-LEGERS SAS with €200,000 in share capital - Siret No.: 732 049 036 00021 NAF code: 4761Z – VAT No.: FR 93 732 049 036 36, rue Vivienne – 75002 Paris – France – Phone: +33 (0)1-40-26-42-97 – Email: Website: • Some prerequisites are necessary to place an order: You must declare you are at least 18 years old and have reached legal capacity. • Photographs are taken in ordinary light and provide a direct image of items. Descriptions are accurate and give a fair picture of the items. The items condition is assessed scrupulously to guarantee total transparency and compliance. References are selected to give the best description of the coin, banknote, token, numismatic book, etc. Photographs are given for information purposes only and are not legally binding. Please note that one single photograph may illustrate several coins and banknotes, provided that the referred item has the same condition and price. We urge you to refer to the description of each product to find out its precise characteristics. In case of doubt or for further information, feel free to contact us by phone or email. • To protect ourselves from possible fraud, we reserve the discretionary right to require payment by national or international wire transfer for some transactions, with bank fees to be paid by the customer. • We ship our products directly to your place of residence in France or abroad. The buyer is responsible for payment of the customs duties and other taxes related to delivery. We strongly advise that you enquire with the relevant authorities of your country about domestic customs duties and taxes that may apply. We reserve the discretionary right to suspend without notice any delivery towards a territory, located in France or abroad, for which we believe the shipping service is unsafe or unreliable. • Export: For coins dated prior to 1500 with a unitary value of over €3,000, French laws on the protection of cultural properties require that we always apply to the Ministry of Culture for an export certificate (and an export licence for countries outside the EU). The time period for obtaining these documents is usually around four to six weeks. Issued certificates are valid indefinitely . Librairie-Galerie Les Chevau-Légers accepts no liability for delivery delays resulting from delays by the French Ministry of Culture to issue such certificates and/or licenses. • Upon receipt of orders, the customer is advised to check in this catalog that the items delivered are the same as those purchased. The customer is also advised to check the condition of the packaging. Where packaging is damaged, torn or opened, the customer is advised to either refuse the parcel or record reserves of use on the delivery slip of the postal or delivery service. Where delivery is refused, the customer undertakes to immediately inform Librairie-Galerie Les Chevau-Légers. Librairie-Galerie Les Chevau-Légers will then enquire with the postal or delivery service. Orders will be sent via DHL for Schengen countries, and via postal registered mail for other countries. For information, the time period for such enquiries varies from to 8 to 10 weeks for international deliveries. • Article L.120-20 of the French Consumer Code provides for a right of withdrawal: whatever the reason, you may return any article to us within seven days of receiving your parcel (in its original packaging and with the matching invoice). Just specify the reason for its return and send it to: Librairie-Galerie Les Chevau-Légers – Service Retour, 36, rue Vivienne 75002 Paris – France. • The transfer of title on the products to the purchaser shall take place only after full payment of the price by the purchaser , regardless of the delivery date. On the other hand, the transfer of the risks of loss and damage to the products shall take place on delivery and receipt of the aforesaid products by the purchaser. • For any queries or complaints, send us an email at Specific cases of coins, medals, jetons and banknotes submitted to third-party grading companies (PCGS, PCGS Banknotes, NGC, PMG, GENI, ANACS and any other third-party grading companies) • Librairie-Galerie Les Chevau-Légers, hereafter, accepts no liability where grades assigned by third-party certification companies to coins, medals, jetons and/or notes prove to be different from those announced in’s catalogue. LibrairieGalerie Les Chevau-Légers will take back no items and pay no compensation. • Librairie-Galerie Les Chevau-Légers accepts no liability for errors or non-performance by third-party certification companies in identifying items or non-reporting possible coin, medal, jeton and/or note defects. • Librairie-Galerie Les Chevau-Légers will buy back no items - coin, medal, jeton and/or banknote – that have been graded by third-party certification companies and whose slabs have been opened. You are reminded that any lots will lose all warranties conferred to them by third-party certification companies as soon as they are taken out of their slabs, even where their matching identification labels have been kept. • Likewise, where purchasers unseal their coins, medals, jetons or notes’ holders and defects unreported by a third-party certification company appear, Librairie-Galerie Les Chevau-Légers will give no refund. It will be up to the purchaser to apply to the third-party certification company for possible damages. • Where lots consigned with and sold by Librairie-Galerie Les Chevau-Légers are subsequently declared Not genuine or Counterfeit by a third-party certification company, Librairie-Galerie Les Chevau-Légers will be entitled to take claim against its consignor and ask for a refund of any amounts paid. • When a lot purchased from Librairie-Galerie Les Chevau-Légers is submitted for grading and certification to a third-party certification company and is declared Not Genuine or Counterfeit, then the Librairie-Galerie Les Chevau-Légers warranty shall apply. However, its warranty shall not apply to those lots whose authenticity is declared unverifiable or questionable by thirdparty certification companies. • Librairie-Galerie Les Chevau-Légers shall have the option to submit any consigned items - coins, medals jetons and/or notes - to third-party certification companies for their grading & certification. Unless otherwise agreed, grading and certification fees will be deducted from the final result of the consignor’s sales.