2.3 A user wishing to participate in the LIVE AUCTION service operated by must, at the time of each sale, provide or validate his or her postal details by means of the form for the creation of an account provided by the LIVE AUCTION platform operated by 2.4 The participation of users in LIVE AUCTION is subject to acceptance by the company organising the sale, in accordance with its own criteria. is responsible for accepting or refusing the registration of users for sales. Failing that, the user cannot participate in the sale. Decisions relating to the acceptance of users belong exclusively to the sales company. The LIVE AUCTION operated by cannot, in any way, be required to justify a refusal to accept a user, or the absence of acceptance, or a belated acceptance by 3. Obligations for companies organising LIVE AUCTIONS 3.1 Photographs shall be taken in ordinary light and provide a direct image of the item. Descriptions shall be written with accuracy and integrity. Conditions of items shall be judged scrupulously in order to guarantee total accuracy in terms of conformance with actual conditions. References shall be selected in order to give the best description of the coin, banknote, token, numismatic book, etc. 3.2 is responsible for the information and images that it communicates about the items offered for sale via the LIVE AUCTION system. 3.3 It is the responsibility of the user to contact directly for information if the terms of sale appear to be incomplete or unclear. shall be available to answer any questions relating to the general terms and conditions of sale. Consequently, participants in LIVE AUCTIONS may not claim any lack of clarity in the regulations of 3.4 After the closing of the sale, and as soon as possible thereafter, the user shall receive an invoice or statement providing him or her with the possibility of paying for his or her purchases immediately. It should be noted that close of sale is not the same as delivery of sale or completed transfer of ownership. A sale shall only be considered to be final when the user has completed the payment transactions and after has dispatched the lots purchased in the LIVE AUCTION. 3.5 Payment triggers dispatch or the making available of the items purchased. Items shall either be collected and paid for at the numismatic counter in Paris (at 36 rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris), or dispatched upon receiving payment, by registered mail, and covered by appropriate insurance by 3.6 Export: In the case of coins that are dated prior to 1500 with a unitary value above 3,000 Euros, French law relating to the protection of cultural property requires us always to apply to the Ministry of Culture for an export certificate (and an export licence for countries outside the EU). The time period for obtaining these documents is usually about 8 to 10 weeks. Certificates issued are valid indefinitely. cannot be held liable for delays in delivery that result from delays in the issuing of certificates or licences by the French Ministry of Culture. undertakes to do all that is possible, prior to publication of the catalogue, to make appropriate applications to the French Ministry of Culture. 3.7 Shipping costs include a handling and packaging charge + postage. For coins and banknotes, they are fixed at a flat rate of €18.00 for international deliveries and French overseas territories (Dom-Tom), and a flat rate of €9.00 for mainland France. For medals and books, shipping costs include a handling and packaging charge + the actual courier’s costs, based on your delivery zone and package weight. Please note that any other costs or charges such as customs or import duties, customs clearance and handling fees, may also apply to the shipping of your item and will be charged to you by the relevant courier or postal service at a later time, where applicable. 3.8 Complaints: justified complaints shall be presented to us no later than fourteen days after the purchaser has received the coins or banknotes. In order to observe the period of cancellation, it suffices for the user to send a letter, fax or email relating to the right to cancel prior to the termination of the cancellation period. 4. Obligations for users of the LIVE AUCTION service operated by 4.1 Only natural persons aged at least 18 and with full legal capacity, as well as legal entities, are entitled to create a user’s account. cannot be held responsible for inaccurate information provided by the user. 4.2 The user undertakes to keep confidential his or her login details and password. The user is responsible, in relation to, for all actions carried out by means of his or her account. The user shall ensure that he or she logs off from the account after each session, especially when the connection to the LIVE AUCTION service is made by means of a public or shared computer. The user agrees to inform immediately in the event of unauthorised use of his or her account. cannot be held liable in the event of fraudulent use of an account. The user undertakes to abide by these terms and conditions of use when using the cgb. fr LIVE AUCTION service. Consequently, he or she agrees in particular not to impede or alter the functioning of the LIVE AUCTION service, or harm the platform, or attempt to access the service in any way that is fraudulent. The user undertakes to provide with timely information about any changes to his or her personal account (postal address, email address, etc.). 13